• Dec 23, 2013
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5 Ways to Defend Your Home against Christmas Day Stains & Clutter

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5 Ways to Defend Your Home Against Christmas Clutter & Stains

  1. Create a stain emergency kit. With all the excitement and extra treats, there’s a good chance something will end up spilled on your floor. Prepare for stains by making sure you have white paper towels, a clean sponge, white vinegar and mild detergent readily available.
  2. Limit the amount of kitchen clean up by preparing bite-sized finger foods for breakfast and snacks.
  3. Designate large boxes or bags for discarded wrapping paper and ribbons. Sort by trash, recycling and reusing. Sort everything as you unwrap and you’ll reduce your post-present-opening clean up time!
  4. Download the Stain First Aid app on your phone. This way, you’ll have advice on cleaning all sorts of carpet stains at your fingertips.
  5. Keep kids and guest from taking over your whole house by preparing activities to entertain (and contain) them. Set up a “movie theater” in the basement or family room, create an art station at the kitchen table, or set up board games in the dining room.

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