• May 15, 2017
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Island-Inspired Master Suite

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With unobstructed ocean views and a soft, serene palette, a night spent in this master suite is sure to sooth the soul. In an exclusive Q&A, designer Laura Hay discloses the details of this island-inspired escape:

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What were your clients’ needs for this space?

This master suite was designed to take advantage of the unobstructed water views and to provide a serene and restful environment to retreat to when the home is full of guests.

Were there any challenges designing this space?

The room is quite large but by using a custom sized area rug and a variety of warm woods and textured fabrics, the space is cozy and inviting. An over-sized writing desk takes advantage of the westward views and provides a cozy and usable nook. A trellis pattern on the drapes compliments the greenery that frames the balcony and enhances the architectural elements. Wide bedside chests balance the scale of the bed and add practical storage.

Do you have any special considerations or requirements when creating a bedroom?

I prefer to design custom headboards for my clients. When designing headboards it’s important to consider the size and scale of the room as well the complimentary décor elements. In this space I knew I wanted a grand headboard framed by artwork and extra large table lamps. All these elements balance the space and scale of the room.

How does the flooring play into your design?

The dark stained hardwood is rich but I used a custom bound broadloom carpet to add warmth under foot and aesthetically create a bright, restful and inviting space.

What makes this room functional? (hidden storage, convertible pieces, flow, etc.)

Not pictured are built-in cabinets that house extra linens and disguise the television. I try to conceal the television in the bedroom when possible! The nightstands appear to have drawers, but are in fact doors. This makes them a great storage option for books and nighttime reading materials. The cabinets also feature a grommet in the back to thread a power bar to charge any personal devices inside.

Why did you choose these colors?

I was inspired by the trellis drapery fabric and used warms creams and soft silvered green tones that are reminiscent of the beach and the coastal surroundings.

What is your favorite aspect of this room?

I love the French doors with walk out balcony. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess everyday?

What did your client like the most?

My client says her room is restful and serene. I can attribute that to the layering of the finishes: tactile, warm and varied. In short; rich, creamy, and luxurious. 

Laura Hay is the Principal Designer of Laura Hay Decor & Design

Laura Hay Decor & Design is a growing boutique design firm known for creating stylish, harmonious, modern and livable environments and vacation homes in the United States, Canada and Bahamas. @laurahay.design

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